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Asset Recovery Solutions Delivered by Qualified Professionals

There is no upfront cost because once we succeed in receiving your funds, we get a percentage. If not, you don’t have to pay us.

Our team leaders have successfully recovered millions of dollars to their rightful owners! 

Our Services 

Grace Recovery Center in Aubrey, Texas is committed to helping individuals and companies recover monies from bankruptcies, home foreclosures, tax sales, forgotten dormant bank accounts, unclaimed life insurance policies, and safety deposit boxes. We have personnel and access to attorneys who will petition for the excess funds on your behalf.


When an individual goes through bankruptcy after the case has been fully administered and the funds that have come under the trustee’s control have been properly accounted for (as provided by law), the excess funds belong to the debtor. When either the debtor or the creditor is not found or does not deposit the check within 90 days, the funds get deposited into the Treasury Department.

We can go back years after you have had a bankruptcy, and if there is money there, our group of experts can help you recover your funds.

Asset Recovery

When an individual has forgotten about a bank account, there is an overpayment in taxes once a home is sold, a family member passes away and the beneficiary is not found, or there is an excess payment of an account and the individual is not found, the monies will be deposited into the Treasury Department after a year, of inactivity.

We, as a company, work diligently on your behalf to recover funds that either belong to the individual or their loved ones.

Mortgage/Tax Lien Sale 

Are you currently being foreclosed on? We have helped many individuals through hard times and have given them hope in times of despair.

When a home is foreclosed or there is a tax sale, the excess funds derived from the sale belong to the homeowner.


Once the documents are notarized and sent back to us, we will offer a three-day hotel vacation to any place you choose. We do this as a special thank you.

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