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We Specialize in Asset Recovery, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, and Tax Sales

We are passionate about serving others and giving endlessly. Our team leaders have successfully recovered millions of dollars and turned these over to their rightful owners.

Committed to Integrity, Professionalism, and Ethics

Grace Recovery Center is an asset recovery business in Aubrey, Texas. We specialize in recovering monies for clients who have gone through past bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax sales. Our asset recovery services also cover forgotten bank accounts, unrealized insurances monies, mineral royalties, and more. The list is endless.

Our Story

It all started because of a mailer who our owner, Rose Petritz, responded to. They told her she can lower her taxes through a homestead exemption and retrieve 2 years’ worth of a partial payment of her taxes. She agreed to have them recover her monies and lower her taxes.

Because of this, Rose developed a passion for asset recovery. She quickly realized that there are many individuals who are owed funds for various reasons. She had the desire to be like Robin Hood and help people acquire the monies held by the State that rightfully belonged to them or their heirs (in some cases).

Rose decided that she did not want to charge people for her services. Instead, she would take a percentage once she was successful in retrieving their monies. No monies, no payment. It’s that simple.


“I am the wife and mother of four beautiful children. Two of them are married, and one is going to a Christian University to follow his dreams of entrepreneurship. My last one is a child with special needs. I also have three grandchildren. I genuinely love my life with my clan!

I am a health care practitioner who always preaches about ways to improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and supplements.

I am also a firm believer of Jesus Christ. He is first in my life, followed by my family, and then my passion for helping others. I do not look at what I do as a job. It is my way of giving back.

What makes everything I do worthwhile is when my client tells me they really needed the funds and it came in at the right time. Now, this is what I live for—to serve others!

What sets me apart is my expertise in the industry and relationships with my clients. They choose me because they like genuineness. I don’t beat around the bush with them.”

-Rose Petritz, Owner


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